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You Are A Sexual Being

Full-body orgasm is more than just the intricate alignment of our bodies. It is a flow state in the mind that allows us to let go and release. It is a state of total stillness and the quieting of the mind. Full-body orgasm requires shutting down the thinking brain and becoming present in the subtle sensations that the body is feeling. How you feel about your body and the subconscious beliefs that you are holding could be the very things that are blocking you from embracing your sexuality and letting go and orgasm. Watch the video to learn how these subconscious beliefs are the masks you carry, hiding you from the depth of your sexual being.

Science-Based Approach

Alpha Waves

Increasing your ability to achieve alpha waves in the brain increases orgasm potential.


Stillness in the mind is like a muscle. Building this muscle allows orgasms to happen with ease.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence levels have been linked to women's ability to let go and have an orgasm.

How Still Is Your Mind?

Your ability to still your mind is directly linked to your ability to achieve orgasm. Unfortunately, with our modern busy lifestyle, our mind is going nonstop! Try this free "stillness" test to discover whether you can easily get to the "alpha" state required to let go and orgasm. 

"Thanks very much... Just wanted to let you know that my sex life is 50 times better after trying out your amazing product. It is so amazing how our whole relationship has improved as well.

Thank you so much for all the research and work you have done, to help couples everywhere (who know about your program) have more fun and satisfaction in their sex lives. It really is appreciated.

Thanks again!

Sally Lewis

"I am truly amazed... I'm 60 years old... it has taken me this long to learn how to, and achieve my first squirting orgasm... to be exact, 4 in one night.

I didn't think it was possible... I'll tell everyone I know, it works...

All I can say is thank you so much for enlightening us to this incredible experience... And it WAS incredible for my boyfriend and I.

Ashley Brook

"On behalf of all the women in the world: THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I've been bawling my eyes out watching your videos because I've never felt so completely understood before. You are verbalizing EXACTLY how I feel and the confirmation that other women feel the same way allows me to feel normal instead of difficult and demanding. Your videos should be mandatory for all to watch. Can't wait to see results!

Well done, truly grateful.

Annica Lane

Hi! Venus And Jason Here...

As a couple, we went through a self-discovery journey to improve our relationship and build a strong foundation. In that journey, we acquired valuable knowledge about the mind and our emotions. Understanding these two is a valuable asset in living a more passionate life and feeling fulfilled physically and mentally.

With our combined knowledge in the sexual educational niche and background in psychology, we were able to dive deeper into the construct of the mind and map out the many ways our minds can get in the way of our pleasure. This discovery helped us create effective practices to get out of the mind and into the present moment with ease…

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Find your full orgasm potential

Get in the driver's seat of your life, and break the chains of the nagging stressors of life that leave your body pumping stress hormones like cortisol that make you feel wired, hungry, and unsatisfied. Feel more in control, more confident, and empowered to experience true fulfillment and connection in your intimate life by going to a place of connection, joy, and love where your body finally starts releasing more feel-good hormones. This is where you get to be your authentic self, connected, turned on, tuned in, present, and fully able to let go, bursting with that indescribable sense of ecstasy, and finally satisfy that hunger you feel inside. 

You have many beautiful layers waiting for you to explore, surrender, and fully embrace your sexuality because it is beautiful...

"Your sexuality is a powerful energy. When you embrace it and allow it to blossom in a beautiful way, every aspect of your life will also blossom in a beautiful way!" 

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